How to add a video to your pet profiles

Having a video on your pet profiles makes them stand out, and gives another way for potential adopters to get introduced to your pets.

You can add a video while submitting or editing a pet.

When submitting a pet

One of the form fields will be "YouTube Video URL". Just paste/write there the address of the page with the video on YouTube. For example "".

You can copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.

Address bar of the browser Video input on the Add a Pet page

After you fill in the field with the URL, a preview of the video appears.

If the preview shows the video, it will be saved when you submit the pet (after clicking the "Submit this Pet" button).

When editing a pet

You can reach the Edit Pet page/form from different locations:

  1. From "My Account" page – click the "Edit" (or pencil) button beside the pet details.
  2. My Account button Edit pet button on My Account page
  3. From other pages via the orange "Edit" button on the pet image.
  4. Edi pet button on other pages

Once you reach the form, follow the instructions above, under "When Submitting a Pet".

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